Robert L. Ivie

Robert L. Ivie

Robert L. Ivie

Robert L. Ivie is Professor Emeritus of American Studies & Communication and Culture at Indiana University, Bloomington.  His Ph.D. is in the field of rhetoric and communication studies (Washington State University, 1972).  His research focuses on political rhetoric, U.S. public culture, and the problem of war.  He is a recipient of the National Communication Association’s Distinguished Scholar Award.  In 2010, he was appointed to a five-year term as Honorary Professor in Rhetoric at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

Ivie has served as editor of three scholarly journals—Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, Quarterly Journal of Speech, and Western Journal of Speech Communication.  He currently serves on the editorial boards of Presidential Studies Quarterly, Quarterly Journal of Speech, Rhetoric & Public Affairs, Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, Javnost-The Public, Controversia, KB Journal, Review of Communication and the rhetoric and public affairs book series for Michigan State University.

In addition to Hunt the Devil, Ivie’s books include Dissent from War (Kumarian Press, 2007), Democracy and America’s War on Terror (University of Alabama Press, 2005), Cold War Rhetoric, with Martin Medhurst, Philip Wander, and Robert Scott (Michigan State University Press, 1997), and Congress Declares War, with Ronald Hatzenbuehler (Kent State University Press, 1983).  He has published nearly 100 chapters, articles, and reviews in scholarly outlets ranging from Presidential Studies Quarterly, Third World Quarterly, and Javnost—The Public to Quarterly Journal of Speech, College Literature, Rhetoric & Public Affairs, and Communication Studies <-> Critical Methodologies.

Click here for Ivie’s website.


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