Damn Cubans (Cruz)


USS Maine in Havana harbor, shortly before explosion, 1898. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Conversely, Ted Cruz is the kind of Cuban North Americans dislike—once they come to know him. Chris Matthews of MSNBC’s Hardball is fond of comparing Cruz to Joseph McCarthy; the more illuminating comparison is with Fidel Castro, whom Cruz eerily resembles.

Both Castro and Cruz were the children of native mothers and foreign immigrants (Castro’s father was a Spanish immigrant to Cuba). They both grew up in rebellious, secessionist minded provinces of their countries (Castro in Oriente, Cruz in Texas). Like Cruz, Castro attended the best schools (Belén and the University of Havana in Cuba). They both became brilliant young lawyers who displayed zealotry in the pursuit of their ends and a penchant for the use of gangster tactics in their politics.


Fidel Castro in Washington D.C., 15 April 1959. (Credit: Library of Congress).


Ted Cruz speaking to Tea Party Express supporters at a rally in Austin, Texas, 6 May 2012. (Credit: Gage Skidmore)

Fidel initiated a revolt with the stated goal of returning to the Cuban Constitution of 1940; Cruz aims to return to original interpretations of the US Constitution. Castro’s revolutionaries came down from the Sierra Maestra wearing Catholic scapulars; Cruz’s followers proclaim themselves devoted evangelicals.

There is one big difference between Castro and Cruz. Fidel served time in prison for his political activities, and brought an armed insurrection to the Sierra Maestra; Cruz never served in the US military, and has only memorized the constitution. There is also one great similarity: as time has revealed, contrary to popular opinion, Castro’s political philosophy can best be described not as communism, but as fidelismo; Cruz’s political philosophy still remains unnamed, but will be shown to be no different in the end.

I lived in the great state of Texas during the last years of the 20th century. One of the positive things of moving to the great state of Arizona was leaving behind the governorship of George W Bush. Little did I expect that within a few short years, the US electorate would make him president of the country. Now I find myself in the throes of a recurring nightmare: I left Cuba to escape Cuban governments, but the US electorate is now considering the election of Cubans to the presidency!

What a fix! Not content with having ruined one country, damn Cubans are now intent on ruining another!



Movie poster advertisement for “Damn Yankees” – © 1958 Warner Bros. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


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