Hunt the Devil on Holiday

Fireworks over Copenhagen the night after New Year's Eve (Credit:  Stig Nygaard).

Fireworks over Copenhagen the night after New Year’s Eve (Credit: Stig Nygaard).

Hunt the Devil will take a holiday break to ring in the New Year. We will return with a new post on January 6, 2015.

Thank you for following our blog about the demonology of U.S. war culture. Blogging over the past ten months has been a rewarding journey. The outline of a planned sequel to Hunt the Devil (our forthcoming book with the University of Alabama Press) is already taking shape. The sequel, “After Empire,” as recent posts suggest, will explore the mythic image of an imperial landscape of dead metaphors across which a disruptive Coyote lopes to the sound of the veteran’s lament. Coyote is the forerunner of trickster angels and instigator of a new democratic alternative.

The pursuit of mythic images is how we collaborate—the dramatic poet from the Caribbean in cahoots with the rhetorical critic from the American west. We work in the in-between space of intellectual exchange where insights emerge through sustained conversation. The writing that ensues from these conversational origins leads to unexpected outcomes.

We compose in Coyote’s spirit of trespass.



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